Meet the band....

All the members of Aluinn are full-time musicians who have dedicated their lives to the craft of playing their instruments.

Aly Pryde (Band-leader/Percussion/Caller)

Born into a musical and folk-loving family in Edinburgh, Aly was playing piano, percussion and calling in various Ceilidh Bands by his mid-teens.  After graduating with a degree in music from Leeds College of Music (where he received the percussion performance award) he has been performing as a full-time musician in a variety of situations including work on cruise ships, panto, national theatre tours as well as performing regularly in various Ceilidh Bands.  He also runs a busy drum kit/percussion teaching practice as well as running various school musical ensembles across a number of West Yorkshire schools.

Paul Young (Fiddle/Melodeon)

Paul has been a busy member of the Northern folk scene for a number of years now.  Formerly a member of the well-known group Black Beard’s Tea-Party, he joined Aluinn shortly after their formation in 2011 and has been playing with them ever since.  He also runs his own York-based band The New Fox Band .  As adept on melodeon as he is on fiddle, Paul also has a busy teaching practice.

Phil Wilcox (Accordian)

Born in Dorset, Phil has been playing accordion since his teens.  He soon became a regular on the South-West folk scene where he studied and fell in love with folk music from all around the British Isles. A graduate of Leeds College of Music, Phil has performed in various folk groups including Soundscape, Rocas and LeDPIN.  

Jules Marley (Guitar)

Jules is a local Yorkshire man of Scottish descent.  He has played nationally and on the continent in a variety of bands and styles from Indie to Folk to Reggae and is also a graduate of Leeds College of Music.  Before they relocated back to Scotland, he was also a member of the popular Yorkshire Ceilidh band Dancing Feet.  Jules is a busy guitar teacher and also performs solo and duo guitar concerts around Yorkshire.