Our Dances...

Here is our overall repertoire of dances from which we compile the set list for each event we play for.  It includes everything from relaxed couple dances to high-energy group ones.  We tailor-pick our sets to suit the size of the venue, the experience of the dancers and the preferences of our clients.  With reasonable notice, we are also happy to accept requests for dances not listed here. 

Big Circle Mixer

Bridge of Athlone

Canadian Barn Dance

Clopton Bridge

Circassian Circle

Cumberland Square-8

Dashing White Sargeant

Eight-some Reel

Flying Scotsman

Free-style Waltz

Gay Gordens

Hell-toe Polka

Military Two-step

Siege of Ennis

St. Bernards Waltz

Strip The Willow

Swedish Masquerade

Virginia Reel

Waves of Tory